Roman V. Poterin. Some of my projects.

Multum Lingua (Android)

The Android application to read the multilingual books.

Rational Market (Android)

Online shop for Android. Demo version.

Mental calculation (Android)

The program of mental calculation skills testing for children of primary school age.

Postal codes of Ukraine (Android)

The application allows you to find zip codes more than 29,000 towns and villages of Ukraine.

Pioneer FM (Android)

Application for listening to broadcast of "Pioneer FM" radio. Science News (Android)

Daily spotlight science and technology news stories from file share (Android)

Download and share files and screenshots to the popular file hosting.

fastnails (Android)

The program allows you to quickly and easily make out manicure and pedicure at a convenient time for you at your home or office.

My Reference Book (Windows, Android)

The program will enable to use the text records sorted hierarchically. It can be rather convenient as a telephone or address directory and as storage of other miscellaneous information.

RADIO Rotator Pro (Windows)

Software for playlists generation (radio broadcast schedule) by the user-specified criteria.

ActTrader (Windows)

The leading independent retail Forex trading platform in the world. The software provides a full-featured workspace for traders to execute trades and manage their accounts.

ActTrader (Java)

Java based Forex trading application.

Stitch SAX (Windows)

Simple SAX parser for Delphi.

HTTP Tester (Windows)

Software for testing of HTTP, HTTPS servers.